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Balint KATONA is an artist with gold diploma,
poet, art director

Member of several national and international societies of art, of the Hungarian Society of Poets, of the Society of Hungarian Photo-artists.
Regular participant in master courses of Chicago and Indianapolis.

His name is also linked with the development of genre creating for „plastography” /lightsensitizated painting/, for which he was the winner in the world competion of innovating artists.

He is the author or co-author of ten volumes, the eponym of „Balint-prize”.
In the course of his nearly thirty years' work he introduced himself in more than a hundred independent exhibitions in twenty countries. He is the winner of forty national and eight international prizes.
Some fifty works of his are kept in museums in public collections.

He is a pioneer of what is called the „synthetic art”, the essence of which is merging the „-isms” just in one picture. In his compositions features of the styles can be detected ranging from academism to cubism, from impressionism to avantgardism.
The subjects of his paintings, poems are the Eden, searching for Eden, scrutinizing the secrets of life here below, analysing the relation of the two sexes and belief in life, due to which, the MAN can never collapse under the cross.

I open up spring with my brush
revolution locked up in tubes
I do pour addition to the soul
not having hopes in the roots


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